Unless the Lord Builds The House

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Early I learned that the story behind a painting was as important as the painting itself if it was going to minister to folks. As badly as I wanted to paint the old cabin nestled in the valley of the North Carolina mountains, in Plumtree, I couldn’t without a story.   But God arranged us to get snowed in near the cabin one cold winter and I asked Linda to join me to go down in a borrowed jeep and let me take some photos.  She reluctantly agreed, cause the temps were way below freezing and with the wind blowing extra hard, it was mighty, extra cold.  

When we arrived we noticed footprints leading up to the cabin door and smoke rising from the chimney.  As we got out into knee deep snow, Miss Kaye, the cabin’s owner, spotted us and called from the porch to hurry inside where it was warm.  Linda hurried inside while I could not resist taking some magnificent photos.  But Miss Kay called again and I ran to get warm myself.

Around the warmth of the wood stove Miss Kaye began telling stories about the cabin’s 100 year long history.  They all were intriguing, and just as we were leaving she said, “I know this is not real important to you, but I can’t get it off my mind.  Last week a plumber came out to dig some new sceptic line when he discovered the strangest thing.  He asked me if I realized the cabin was anchored to a 200 foot diameter rock?  I had to laugh, cause some folks wondered if this was a mystery cabin, cause it has survived three major floods that washed away barns, houses, and sent a pick up or two five miles down the valley.  All I could do is sing that old children’s song, ‘Oh the wise man builds his house upon a rock…’”

Finally, I had a story and I knew the cabin was about to have its portrait made, for I knew the old cabin painted to hang in homes would be a constant reminder, “That unless the Lord build the house the builders labor in vain…“

Unless the Lord builds the house. . .
Its builders labor in vain
When the waters from heaven flow into the valley
The structure will fall to the pounding rain

Unless the Lord builds the house. . .
Its foundation is weak
The house will falter in times of trouble
Then a new shelter our heart will seek

But when the Lord builds our house. . . 
We surrender our desires into His hands
And worry not, rather have faith in His work
And weather the storms
For He builds us on the rock instead of the sand.  

––Jodie Lynne