The Little in Chestnut

$ 35.00

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This classic journal is made with 4/5 oz. leather that was oil tanned to preserve the natural markings on the hide; giving this journal a more rustic appearance and matte, creamy finish.

Each one of these journals is hand-bound with sturdy, waxed linen ensuring that your journal will last a lifetime and is finished with a double wrap strap and brass rivet for closure. This leather becomes lighter in the areas it is stretched or pulled, adding character to your journal over time. 

These Littles hold 96 blank pages and are ready to be filled with your poems, songs, thoughts, and dreams. You have the choice between an organic front cover or envelope cut cover.

Leather Source :

This oil tanned leather was sourced from Tandy Leather out of Raleigh, NC.

Highlighted Features :

4/5 oz oil tanned leather
96 Blank Pages
Brass Rivet
Double Wrap Strap
5" W x 6 1/4" H