The Justina Vase

$ 45.00

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Introducing the Justina Vase. Inspired by our Art Director, Justina Stevens, this stunning vase is truly a piece of art. Hand thrown by one of our potters in residence, this vase’s soft, elegant shape was painted by hand with blush and goldenrod hues and bright genuine gold accents, creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind composition. We recommend hand washing as the best way to preserve the longevity of the piece. Whether it rests quietly on the window sill or is the centerpiece for your family table, our desire is that this handcrafted vessel would remind your eyes and heart of the beauty that surrounds you.

Each of these vases were hand thrown by Erica Barron of the Cageless Birds. Variations of size, shape and glaze application can be proudly embraced, making this piece truly one of a kind.

Highlighted Features : 

Crafted with white clay
Hand Painted
Bright Genuine Gold Accents
Approx. 5.5" tall by 3" wide