Spread Your Wings

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An old Mason jar.  A lid.  A butterfly set free.  But what lies beneath the simple picture is a story of a fifteen year old girl who overcame fear when she heard God say, “I’ve taken the lid of shame and deception off your life because of Calvary Love.  Spread your wings.  You can fly!”  In that moment the little girl, my own daughter, Jodie, wrote her poem…

A beautiful creature was held back by a glass wall;
      It was afraid to fly, afraid it might fall.
God spilled the colors of the rainbow into its wings,
      God created it for the love, for the joy it brings.
But the lid of deception, holds it down inside,
      And the beautiful creature is ashamed, and it hides.
You see, the lid was an illusion in the butterfly’s mind,
      It wasn’t able to see the truth, it became blind.
But then one day it found the faith to give it a try;
      It spread out its wings and began to fly.
        –– Jodie Lynne