Maker Coffee : Red and Gold Blend

$ 16.00

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 RED & GOLD BLEND is back for 2019!

This one is a family favorite. Every winter, we choose 3 complimentary coffee origins and create a recipe that highlights the quality of each ingredient while creating a blend that is well-rounded and surprisingly flavorful in the cup! For the third year in a row, enjoy our limited and seasonal blend of washed & natural process coffees, created, blended and roasted to be a smooth and easy drinking cup of coffee across any brewing method.

This year’s seasonal offering is primarily composed of a delicious fruit forward natural process coffee from Ethiopia, and a well-balanced washed coffee from Colombia. The result is a flavor-FULL cup, fit for the Christmas season. Berries, cocoa, and spices dance in the cup and practically beg you to sit down by the fire and relax.

Red and Gold brews well in any method you prefer and tastes best when shared with a friend or loved one. 

Tasting Notes :
"Cocoa, Berry, Spice"

Each bag is 12 oz. / 340 g of whole beans.

The Mission:

We pursue direct trade relationships and buy excellent specialty grade green beans from passionate farming families around the world. We roast them on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart and work to highlight each unique coffee to the best of our ability. All Maker Coffee proceeds go to support the 18 Inch Journey and our dream of discipling the next generation right here in the heart of North Carolina.