• Maker Coffee : Decaf Mexico Fair Trade Organic

Maker Coffee : Decaf Mexico Fair Trade Organic

$ 16.00

12 oz / 340 g Whole Bean Coffee


This is our second decaffeinated offering, a mountain water processed coffee (processed naturally without the typical use of chemicals to remove caffeine) and very delicious. We roasted this and introduced it at a recent event and people raved about the flavor and the body of this well-rounded decaf coffee.
We're proud to offer this coffee from Finca El Chorro as an estate-specific Origin Select Decaf. Perched in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range, El Chorro covers a 294-hectare swath of land, with 27 of those serving as a dedicated wildlife reserve. The remaining land is shaded coffee production, planted in the 1930's by owners Don Segundo Longo and Doña Maria Luisa.
To see reliably solid offerings from Mexico is encouraging: The origin has not often been associated with quality lots of coffee. Operations like the El Chorro estate are changing the idea of Mesoamerican coffee by continuously putting out respectable offerings that honor the traditional profile of toffee, citric acid, and nut in a clean and transparent way. We're honored to partner with them on this decaf offering, and we hope you enjoy.
Origin Mexico
Region Sierra Madre, Chiapas
Farm Finca El Chorro
Variety Typica, Bourbon, Catuai

1000 masl

Proc. Method Mountain Water Process
Fully Washed and Sun Dried


Flavor Notes

"Nutty, Toffee and Balanced Acidity"

Each bag is 12 oz. / 340 g of whole bean coffee


Maker Coffee is a product of love. It is the tangible fruit of our family daring to dream together. We hand roast our coffee one small batch at a time. Our hope is that it would awaken your senses, fuel your creativity and inspire moments worth savoring. We buy excellent specialty grade green beans and roast them in a big blue Diedrich Coffee Roaster on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart.

All proceeds from our coffee sales directly support the 18 Inch Journey schools and our dream of discipling the next generation.


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