• Maker Coffee : Decaf Colombia Planadas (Sugar Cane Process)

Maker Coffee : Decaf Colombia Planadas (Sugar Cane Process)

$ 15.00

12 oz / 340 g Whole Bean Coffee


This is our third annual decaffeinated offering, a sugar-cane processed coffee (processed naturally without the typical use of chemicals to remove caffeine) and very delicious.
After searching for a worthy decaf offering to follow our previous Chiapas mountain water process decaf bean, we are excited to offer our first sugar cane processed coffee!

Read on to Learn More about Sugar Cane Processing :

Sugar Cane E.A. processing (aka "The Natural Decaffeination Method") starts by fermenting molasses derived from sugar cane to create ethanol. This is then mixed with acetic acid, which you'd find in vinegar, to create the compound ethyl acetate. In Colombia, where a lot of sugar cane is grown, it makes sense to use this naturally occurring solvent to complement their thriving coffee growing/processing industry.

First, the green coffee is steamed to open up its pores. Next, the E.A. is applied via water, which dissolves the caffeine in the green seeds. Then, the caffeine is separated and filtered from the tank. Finally, the now-decaffeinated seeds are steamed again to remove any residual E.A. before being dried and shipped. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green seed's cellular structure. One downside of this process is that since the pores of the seed are opened up through steaming (think of the pores on your skin in a sauna), the coffee does tend to age more quickly (both as roasted and green) than our regular offerings. So enjoy it fresh! You may notice this via the "sweaty", darker appearance of the roasted seeds. Don't worry, it doesn't taste roasty and though "oily" in appearance, it is VERY delicious!

Flavor Notes

"Smooth, Dark Cocoa, and Light Acidity"

Each bag is 12 oz. / 340 g of whole bean coffee


Maker Coffee is a product of love. It is the tangible fruit of our family daring to dream together. We hand roast our coffee one small batch at a time. Our hope is that it would awaken your senses, fuel your creativity and inspire moments worth savoring. We buy excellent specialty grade green beans and roast them in a big blue Diedrich Coffee Roaster on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart.

All proceeds from our coffee sales directly support the 18 Inch Journey schools and our dream of discipling the next generation.


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