• Maker Coffee // Costa Rica GEISHA HONEY
  • Maker Coffee // Costa Rica GEISHA HONEY

Maker Coffee // Costa Rica GEISHA HONEY

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(1) 12 oz / 340 g Whole Bean Coffee


Our latest MAKER COFFEE release is our most exciting yet : a limited honey processed coffee just in time for the fall season. This is unlike anything we have ever offered. Boasting a surprisingly crisp flavor and a silky finish, this is a coffee that lingers. A light roast profile highlights the delicate balance of bright acidity and smooth texture, making this a most drinkable coffee that gets better as it cools in the cup!

But what's a Geisha coffee? 

Geisha is a highly sought after and often prized varietal of coffee bean more popularly grown in Panama, and there is no other coffee quite like it. The Geisha plant is very elegant – it grows very tall with elongated leaves, cherries and beans. It is also very aromatic - noticed as soon as the water hits the fresh grinds. In brewing, you can detect the sweet floral, citrus blossom, jasmine and sweet honey fragrances almost immediately.

A bergamot-like finish and a distinct though delicate acidity are typical for a geisha profile, and this is a shining example!

Origin Costa Rica
Region Cirri, Naranjo/West Valley
Farm Monte Rosa Estate
Variety GEISHA
Altitude 1200–1450 Meters
Proc. Method Honey / Yellow Honey


Flavor Notes

A truly distinctive coffee with delicate acidity and a silky mouthfeel. Notes of rich caramel, honey and citrus blossom with a hint of Bergamont in the finish - Better experienced than described! Drinking this coffee is like taking a trip to the mountains and stopping every 5 miles at another lookout point. It just gets better as you take it in.

Each bag is 12 oz. / 340 g of whole bean coffee


Maker Coffee is a product of love. It is the tangible fruit of our family daring to dream together. We hand roast our coffee one small batch at a time. Our hope is that it would awaken your senses, fuel your creativity and inspire moments worth savoring. We buy excellent specialty grade green beans and roast them in a big blue Diedrich Coffee Roaster on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart.

All proceeds from our coffee sales directly support the 18 Inch Journey schools and our dream of discipling the next generation.


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