Hanging Planter

$ 35.00

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Spring is here as we introduce our new product, the Hanging Planter. Made thoughtfully with speckled clay, this planter is designed with an organic rim to house a small plant. It features leather straps from the Cageless Birds Leather Goods Department and is glazed in a salt white color. During this season, our desire is that this handcrafted product would remind you of the miracle of growth and that we have every reason to hold onto hope.

Each of these planters were thrown by Erica Barron of the Cageless Birds. Variations of size, shape and glaze application can be proudly embraced, making this piece truly one of a kind.

Highlighted Features : 

Crafted with intention from speckled clay
Cageless Birds Leather Straps
Approx. 3 ½" tall by 4 ½-5" opening