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Handmade…The turmoil of the 60’s became the “Jesus movement” of the 70’s. Hearts and ears were hungry for a new sound, and the CD you’re now holding was once a record of clay that the music business was clamoring for. I was about to make the “big time”––to go beyond the handful of folks at God’s Farm and reach the nations...until the old prophet spoke… 

“God revealed in a vision that you were about to have an affair with a beautiful woman in a red dress, when suddenly she turned into a monster. You screamed––trapped by her grasp. Then I saw you were dressed in a shepherd’s robe, caring for sheep. That scene slowly dissolved into a family enjoying a picnic on a beautiful quilt. It was you, and your wife and children, laughing and playing, while records, like Frisbee’s, began soaring out all over the world.” Then the prophet said, “I’ve given the vision; you must trust God for the interpretation.” 

I was so shaken my whole world stopped, until I heard God…

“The beautiful woman in the red dress is actually a harlot, and her name is SUCCESS. She will destroy you; but, if you follow Me, I will show you that real success is learning to care for my sheep. It begins with your own family. If you will do that, then I will cause your life, your music, your ministry to reach the nations…”

That was over 30 years ago and I never did make the “big time,” that is unless you count true success that I have a beautiful wife and family, all who love Jesus, and together our ministry is going out all over the world. Best of all, we belong to Him, who is continuously shaping us…“Hand Made” for Eternity!

Ken Helser

Track Listing:

1. Send Revival

2. God Didn’t Say It’d Be Easy

3. Come Unto Me

4. Feed My Sheep

5. How Long Will It Take

6. I’m So Glad

7. Love Can Go Down

8. I’m Just Walkin’ Along

9. Potter and Clay

10. Blessed Assurance