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We believe love is the beginning of devotion and devotion is the beginning of obedience. The Devotion Earrings were created to honor the beauty and connection of our devotion to Jesus and in return His devotion to us. This organic circle of white clay speaks to the purity of covenant that devotion makes way for.

We, the women of the Cageless Birds, believe in the value of beauty and the practice of adornment because it speaks to our significance. All of our earrings are patiently cut and shaped by hand, a process that honors the heart of a woman. We delight in giving you pieces that you can wear everyday that are filled with intentionality. Each pair is hand crafted which brings variation making your unique pair one of a kind.

Highlighted Features : 

Hand cut white clay
Gold filled earring post
Approx 2 ¾ ” long by 1 ½ ” wide

Care Instructions :

Our earrings are made from stoneware and are delicate, however with intentional care they can last for a long time.

- Storing your earrings in the box will protect them from other jewelry scratching the stoneware.
- When taking your earrings on and off, be mindful to do so carefully, especially over hard floors.
- Earrings are made from raw stoneware so handling them with clean hands is best.
- To clean earrings, soak them in dish soap and warm water for one minute. Next, carefully scrub with a small brush, like a toothbrush, to remove makeup stains or oils.
- When traveling, store the earrings in the box and be mindful to protect them from contact with other items in your bag.