Colombia El Trebol
(Medium + Smooth)

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This delightful Colombian single-origin is from the El Trebol Women's Association. El Trebol is composed of 74 women owned farms who work as farm pickers and administrators. The association was born to help establish healthier prices for female producers and their quality work.

These farms range in size between 0.5 and 5 hectares. All of these farms are shade grown with no direct sun exposure. This allows slower ripening and greater sugar concentration.

We are loving this Colombian is our everyday go-to for a classic, comforting medium roasted coffee. This is perfect for enjoying over the holidays with friends or family. All brewing methods will yield and excellent cup!

Tasting Notes :
" Honey, Graham Cracker, Buttery"

Coromoro, Santander
El Trebol Association
Varietal or Certification
1550 - 1700 MASL
Processing Method Washed


***NOTE: 2lb and 5lb bags will be shipped out on Thursday mornings***

The Mission:

We pursue direct trade relationships and buy excellent specialty grade green beans from passionate farming families around the world. We roast them on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart and work to highlight each unique coffee to the best of our ability. All Maker Coffee proceeds go to support the 18 Inch Journey and our dream of discipling the next generation right here in the heart of North Carolina.