Maker Coffee : GOLDEN HOUR

$ 15.00

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GOLDEN HOUR is a limited edition blend that we have been taste-testing and fine-tuning since the start of the year.

For this exciting and flavorful release, we took two of our favorite single origin coffees and created a recipe that tastes fantastic hot OR cold - released just in time for this years' annual Breath and the Clay. 

This is also the first release in our new coffee packaging lineup for Spring 2019!

For a limited time, you will be entered to WIN a celadon CAGELESS BIRDS mug for every bag of GOLDEN HOUR your purchase!

Tasting Notes :
"Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Cream"

Each bag is 12 oz. / 340 g of whole beans.


Ethiopia + Guatemala 


Limited Run

Kind Whole Bean 
Roast  City + 
Roasted Weekly

Proc. Method


The Mission:

We pursue direct trade relationships and buy excellent specialty grade green beans from passionate farming families around the world. We roast them on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart and work to highlight each unique coffee to the best of our ability. All Maker Coffee proceeds go to support the 18 Inch Journey and our dream of discipling the next generation right here in the heart of North Carolina.