Guatemala Las Guacamayas (Natural Anaerobic)

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Our team decided to find something extra special to roast this season, and this natural anaerobic does not disappoint! 

The producers of this coffee, Nehemias Pimentel and Omar Pimentel, wait to pick the coffee cherries at their ripe point and peak sugar level, giving them a greater complexity. After the coffee is collected it is placed in fermentation tanks located in the shade for 50 to 58 hours. The cherries are then washed and any defects are removed. They are then laid out on patios inn the sun for 12 hours to prolong the fermentatIon. After the first 12 hours the cherries are moved to higher piles where they are constantly rotated as they dry throughout the following 20 days. 

By adjusting the temperature and pH level during natural anaerobic fermentation, the coffee develops fruity notes, floral aromas and a delicate, tea-like body.

Tasting Notes :
"Guava, orange, grape"

Origin Guatamala
Region Aldea Las Guacamayas
Farm Nehemias and Omar Pimentel Farm
Varietal or Certification Yellow Bourbon, Orange Bourbon
1500 - 1800 MASL
Processing Method Natural Anaerobic


As a collective, we buy excellent specialty-grade green beans and roast them on the 52 acres of A Place for the Heart. All Maker Coffee proceeds go to support the 18 Inch Journey and our dream of discipling the next generation.