French Roast Blend
Single - Serve Coffee

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Have you heard the news? Dark Roast lovers rejoice! We now offer MAKER COFFEE French Roast as a Single-Serve option. Partnering with the amazing folks at STEEPED, we have collaborated to release delicious specialty coffee on the go. Now, all you need is hot water to brew great coffee ANYWHERE you go. On a plane, at the desk, in your mug, and at your service. You can now brew our signature dark roast in convenient, single-serve coffee bags. These nitrogen flushed coffee pouches offer quality, freshness and portability.

We wanted our delicious coffee to reach new audiences through a process that offers simplicity, flexibility, and convenience. STEEPED has helped to transform our favorite whole bean coffees into single-serve bags that are brewed and served much like tea bags! Our friends at Steeped grind our fresh roasted whole bean coffee, quickly package them into pouches, and seal each oxygen-free pouch to maximize freshness. When brewed properly, the STEEPED method produces a cup that is nearly indistinguishable from traditionally brewed coffee! We know that our customer base is wide in scope, and our heart is to help bridge the gap between quality and flexibility in your everyday life. Additionally, each and every single-serve coffee pouch is 100% biodegradable and all packaging is made using renewable and fully compostable materials. Try it and see for yourself!